Qwizzeria Daily #43

Here are today’s five questions!




1. Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art, that uses the swords known as ‘shinai’ and protective armour ‘bogu’. With what material is the sword made of?

2. Jaffna is a port town that was under the Portuguese occupation in the early 17th century and lost it to the Dutch in 1619 and in turn, lost it to the British in 1796. It is the northern province of what island country?

3. Jim O’Neill is a British economist who is best known for coining this term in 2001 in his paper written for Goldman Sachs global economic paper series on four rapidly developing countries. What term did he coin?

4. In an interview, Sacha Baron Cohen admitted that the FBI had started to compile a file against him due to the numerous complaints they received about a person travelling in an ice-cream van. What film was he shooting at that time?

5. Recipient of the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics, the SI unit for radioactivity is named after him. Who? (PICTURE)













1. Bamboo

2. Sri Lanka


4. Borat

5. Henri Becquerel

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