Qwizzeria Daily #40

They say life begins at forty, in that sense, this is just the beginning of what’s to come for Qwizzeria daily!


Here are the five questions –


1. If ‘Maly’ is the Russian for ‘small’, what word in Russian is used to describe something ‘large’? (Think of a Moscow landmark)

2. “Ignorance is Strength” is the second in a game series released in 2018. A sequel to “Keeping an Eye on You”, after which English writer is the game series named?

3. This role was common before the development of infant formula food in the 20th century. What two-word name is given to a woman who helps a mother who is unable or unwilling to breastfeed her baby?

4. What word could refer to ‘a type of insect known for its unusual defence mechanism where, when attacked, they emit a hot chemical spray towards their attackers or could refer to a multinational manufacturer of trains and aircraft?

5. Based on a series of young adult novels (around 180) written by Francine Pascal (with some help), what TV series (the 90s) chronicles the lives of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield over 88 episodes and four seasons? (PICTURE)















1. Bolshoi

2. George Orwell

3. Wet nurse

4. Bombardier

5. Sweet Valley High


Image Courtesy – Teen Dream Productions, Inc.Saban Entertainment

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