Qwizzeria Daily #37

In a matter of a week, my schedule seems to have grown exponentially (when compared with the previous three months) or in other words, it is increasingly heading towards ‘like what it used to be’.

Wait, after this experience, one can never go back to ‘what it used to be’, I got to define the ‘new normal’.



Here are the five questions:




1. In 1930, the first British Empire Games were opened in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada by the Governor-General of Canada. Over the years it underwent few changes in the name. How do we better know these games?

2. Belgrade’s main airport was re-named in 2006, on the 150th birth anniversary of its most famous son. What name does it now carry?

3. Its scientific name is Erinaceus Europaeus. ‘Urchin’ is an old English name for which small mammal, native to the UK, and Western Europe (found from Iberia and Italy northwards into Scandinavia)? (Many road signs indicate their presence while driving)

4. In 2016, he applied for a residency near Verbier in Canton Valais. A year later, he withdrew his application after receiving a negative preliminary response from federal authorities in Bern. Which Russian billionaire?

5. This movie has a brief role for Marilyn Monroe as Miss Casswell. She is surrounded by the main protagonists of the movie. What movie? (PICTURE)












1. Commonwealth Games

2. Nikola Tesla

3. European Hedgehog

4. Roman Abramovich

5. All About Eve

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