Qwizzeria Daily #35

It’s a Saturday and it’s beautiful, let’s just get right to the business, i.e. today’s five questions.


1. “Ditch the workout, join the party” is the slogan of what dance fitness programme, created by Colombian Alberto Perez in the 1990s?

2. This Swiss watch brand has been a partner of the James Bond franchise since 1995. In what movie did the watch first make an appearance and what brand?

3. Costing $4 million and scouring 250,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean, the most extensive air and sea rescue attempt in naval history were finally called off on 19 July 1937. What world-famous pilot were they looking for?

4. The symbolism of rose colours is deep in tradition. Depending on what one wishes to convey, the colour of a rose can be used. What does the Lavender coloured-rose indicate?

5. Uncommon Type: Some stories, a book containing 17 short stories that was released in 2017. The writer is a two-time Oscar winner. Who? (PICTURE)
















1. Zumba

2. Omega and GoldenEye

3. Amelia Earhart

4. Love at first sight/enchantment

5. Tom Hanks

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