Qwizzeria Daily #34

Today’s Qwizzeria daily number is 34. One quick fact about this number is that it is one of the Fibonacci numbers. The number 34 comes in between 21 and 55. If you are new to the Fibonacci series, then I suggest you should spend five minutes to know about it. It’s worth knowing.

Moving on to today’s five questions:
1. When this country declared its independence in 2008, Switzerland was one of the first countries to recognise and started diplomatic relations. Which country?

2. What’s the name of the type of cattle which literally means ‘Japanese cattle’ when translated from the local language?

3. This European city has so far hosted three Olympics – two Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976 and one Winter Youth Olympics in 2012. What city?

4. What gun manufacturing company was started by an Italian family in 1526, and remains the oldest active manufacturer of firearm components in the world?

5. According to many fact books, this artist is said to have worn only green underpants. The problem is no one states from what age!!! Anyways, the picture should help. What artist? (PICTURE)














1. Kosovo

2. Wagyu

3. Innsbruck

4. Beretta

5. Andy Warhol

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