Qwizzeria Daily #32

While in my 11th standard (pre-university), I was introduced to the concept of semi-conductors and we studied in detail about Silicon and Germanium. The numbers 14 and 32 became ingrained in my memory as it happened to be the atomic numbers of Silicon and Germanium respectively.


Here are the five questions of the day!


1. What now common feature was first introduced in 2003 in the Sony Ericsson Z1010 with the intention of enhancing business meetings?

2. In 2008, which athlete became the first person to win eight gold medals at one Olympic Games edition?

3. How did Armalcolite, a mineral from the moon get its name?

4. In Africa, the big five animals are the ones that are difficult and dangerous to hunt on foot. African elephant, Black rhinoceros, Cape buffalo are three of them. What two cat species make this list?

5. This photo pays tribute to the 50th anniversary of this band’s first album ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ in 1967. What band? (PICTURE)














1. Front-facing cameras

2. Michael Phelps

3. Named after Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin & Michael Collins

4. African lion and African leopard

5. Pink Floyd


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