Qwizzeria Daily #31

Named after Marin Mersenne (a French polymath), a Mersenne prime is said to be any prime number which is one less than a power of two. 31 fits this bill and therefore a Mersenne prime number.
Here are today’s five questions.

1. Named after the Hindu goddess of nourishment and climbed by Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal in 1950, the highest peak and the first 8,000-metre mountain to be climbed. What mountain?

2. What English word is derived from Latin and Old French word meaning ‘ a person with whom you share bread with/bread fellow’?

3. Elbphilharmonie is one of the marvels of modern architecture. It was officially inaugurated on 11 Jan 2017. It happens to be the tallest inhabited building in a German city. What city?

4. In a season finale of a TV series, the character Rachel Zane married her long-time boyfriend Mike and left to form a new class action law firm in Seattle, a plot used to bid farewell to what actress?

5. On the first-ever issue of this magazine, John Lennon appeared on the cover. For its second issue, who was on the cover and which magazine?  (PICTURE)















1. Annapurna

2. Companion (com + panis)

3. Hamburg

4. Meghan Markle

5. Tina Turner and Rolling Stone

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