Qwizzeria Daily #29

The journey of publishing the daily quizzes is in its fifth week. Baby steps do pay off.

Enjoy this set of five questions and goes without saying, a lovely Sunday wish from Qwizzeria 🙂


1. The East Pakistan Provincial Assembly was the legislative body of territory from 1955 to 1971. By what name is it known since 1971?

2. In the Spanish language, the noun term ‘esposas’ has two meanings. One is used for married women and the other is for?

3. In the history of electing Secretary-General of the United Nations, who, in 1997 became the first person to be elected from the UN staff itself?

4. Founded in the 12th century as a fishing village, which European capital city (according to the country’s constitution) gets its name from a ‘barrier’ that was built at the mouth of the river to avoid the floods entering the city?

5. This comic was released in Oct 1997. The headlines echoed the sentiments of the death of which real-life personality five weeks earlier in Aug 1997? (PICTURE)















1. Bangladesh

2. Handcuffs

3. Kofi Annan

4. Amsterdam (Amstel River)

5. Princess Diana

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