Qwizzeria Daily #25

Every day we are surrounded by negative news, and each day presents us an opportunity to do something ‘positive’. That’s the power of being a human. We will never be perfect, but, as humans, we must not give up, that’s our DNA, and we must strive to keep improving irrespective of the negativity around.


On another note, let me share the five questions of the day.


1. In January 2018, what American company opened an unusual office space called ‘Spheres’ dubbed as an ‘urban rainforest’?

2. In 2010, explorers claimed to have found the remains of Noah’s ark on Mount Ararat, which is in which modern-day country?

3. Gabriello ________ was a 16th-century Italian anatomist who published a description of the human reproductive organs. What part of the female reproductive system is named after this person?

4. This race is the longest bicycle road race in the world, a grueling endurance test of 14 stages over 5700 miles. The route is popular among many tourists, though they prefer to not cycle but choose another mode of transport. Where does this take place?

5. “In Voluptas Mors,” a photograph by Philippe Halsman (in collaboration with Salvador Dalí) was taken in 1951. In what Oscar-winning movie’s poster (from the ’90s) would you find this? (PICTURE)

















1. Amazon

2. Turkey

3. Fallopian tubes from Falloppio

4. Trans-Siberian Extreme between Moscow and Vladivostok.

5. The Silence of the Lambs (Pay attention to Jodie Foster in the official poster)

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