Qwizzeria Daily #23

Today’s five questions of the day!


1. What skilled profession gets its English name from the Greek word meaning ‘master builder’?

2. In 2018, Canada legalised (will be enforced from Oct 2018) the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. Before this, which country became the first to do so, in 2013?

3. In Austria, Switzerland, and southern Germany, these beverages are commonly called Obstler or Obstbrand. How do we better know this beverage in English?

4. Which Hollywood actress was born Demetria Guynes and was married to an actor whose real name was Walter Willis?

5. What colour shade takes its name from these shells? (Picture)











1. Architect from arkhitekton

2. Uruguay

3. Schnapps

4. Demi Moore

5. Hazel, from the discards of hazelnut shells

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