Qwizzeria Daily #22

I believe 21-day habit is a myth. I need not go further than my own personal experience. Habits can be altered, forged, and given up at any stage – that’s the power and the fluctuating moods of a human will. However, one thing I do admit about habits, one has to enjoy it to sustain it for the long term. And, don’t worry if you fall out of a habit, you can always get to it as long as you want it.

Here are today’s five questions of the day –

1. What essential chemical element gets its name from the Greek for ‘acid-producer’?

2. The medical term for this effect is cutis anserina or horripilation. The popular name comes from the phenomenon’s association with a bird’s skin type. The name also shares its name with children’s horror fiction novellas by R. L. Stine. What term?

3. Founded in 1893, in which European city is the world’s first hospitality management school located?

4. This English word comes from the Tahitian word, meaning ‘to mark something’. Let’s just say, it was harder in the earlier days than today. What word?

5. Postcards from the edge is a 1990 movie based on a 1987 semi-autobiographical novel by what actress? The actress died in 2016 and one of her final films released in 2017 was dedicated to her.  (PICTURE)












1. Oxygen

2. Goosebumps

3. Lausanne (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne)

4. Tattoo from ‘tatu’

5. Carrie Fischer



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