Qwizzeria Daily #21

Happy Saturday! Enjoy these five questions of the day.


1. The name of this fictional superhero’s club is Verdant which means ‘bright green colour’, which is a subtle nod to his own identity. Which superhero?

2. This term originated in the US Navy as a slang for a scheduled entertainment period on the ship, during which boxing and wrestling bouts took place and allowed the sailors to relax during the long periods at sea. What term?

3. This commonly used word in the world of business has its origins from the Roman word for ‘plunge’ or ‘sink’. What word?

4. Which was the only country that East Germans could travel without a visa during the Cold War period?

5. In its early days, this dance form popular in French cabaret was called the chahut (French for noise or uproar). However, it is known popularly by another name. What dance form?   (PICTURE)














1. Oliver Queen aka Green arrow

2. Happy hour

3. Merger

4. Hungary

5. Can-Can


Image – Fineartamerica 

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