Qwizzeria Daily #20

Today, by the time you finish reading the fifth question and happened to follow the daily quizzes for the past 19 days, then you have just hit a 100!

Hundred questions in a matter of 20 days. Speaking of quizzes, starting next Tuesday, we will be starting the Qwizz Hour. It is similar to the previous nine editions, but with a new time and the quiz will happen for an hour.

You can register and follow the updates here – QWIZZ HOUR 

Now, time to hit that hundred. Here is the set of five questions of the day!


1. Which Hollywood movie was released in India on April 8, 2016, a week ahead of its U.S. debut, to pay tribute to the Indian environment of the film?

2. What English word comes from the Italian word for ‘nephew’ and is commonly used in the world of business and politics?

3. The U.S Navy Fighter Weapons School was established in March 1969 after a U.S Navy report recommended that a graduate-level school be established to train fleet fighter pilots in air combat tactics for the Vietnam war. By what other name do we know this school better?

4. Different Swiss cantons granted women the right to vote at different times. In 1990, which canton was forced to allow women to cast their votes after a Federal Court intervened?

5. This is the satellite view of what famous tourist city? (PICTURE)












1. The Jungle Book

2. Nepotism from nipote

3. Top Gun

4. Appenzell Inner-Rhoden

5. Venice



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