Qwizzeria Daily #18

It’s a story that is now 18 days old and I am liking it thus far!


Here are the five questions for today!

1. What category of beers arose when the Bavarian brewers began to experiment with the storage facilities of beer that improved its clarity, flavour, and shelf-life?

2. Name the two F1 world champions whose fathers have previously won the driver’s world championships as well.

3. The American rock duo Simon and Garfunkel became a household name thanks to their music being featured in a 1967 hit movie. Which movie?

4. What collective word for kittens shares its name with an Amazon(.com) product?

5. What two people are dedicated in this cartoon? (PICTURE) 











1. Lager (which means ‘storage’ in German)

2. Nico Rosberg (Keke Rosberg) and Damon Hill (Graham Hill)

3. The Graduate

4. Kindle

5. Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson


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