Qwizzeria Daily #17

It’s Tuesday, which means it is that day of the week where Qwizzeria goes live over six rounds of quizzing. It starts at 8 pm (CET) and more information can be found by clicking this link – A Quiz In The Times of Corona #9 


And, here are the five questions of the day!


1. When the human civilisations started to prosper, the wandering people started to settle in and there was a need to measure individual plots of land. What branch of studies did this give rise to, and it comes from the Greek words meaning ‘measuring of the land’?

2. The name of this African country is based on the Greek name for the Red Sea, which was first adopted for this former Italian colony in 1890. Which country?

3. In the 1991 movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, who portrayed the role of Sheriff George of Nottingham? He went on to become famous for his portrayal of a recurring character a decade later in a fantasy-movie franchise.

4. Madeleine Albright was once a Secretary of State in the U.S, thereby becoming the first woman to hold that position. Which U.S President appointed her as the Secretary of State?

5. What is the name of this cocktail that was concocted in the late 1930s and inspired by a movie character? (PICTURE)











1. Geometry

2. Eritrea (Erythra Thalassa)

3. Alan Rickman

4. Bill Clinton

5. Scarlett O’Hara




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