Qwizzeria Daily #16

Everyone loves something and some of us here love quizzing!

Here are the five questions for today.


1. Which precious gemstone takes its name from the Greek meaning ‘green gemstone’?

2. Out of the sixteen federal states in Germany, there are three states that are known as city-states (Stadtstaaten). Name these three federal states.

3. There are two chemical elements named after women scientists. Name both. 

4. What type of grape variety gets its name from the French words meaning ‘wild’ and ‘white’?

5. This is a still from the 1983 BMX Bandits. Name the person on the right who went on to win an Oscar in acting? (PICTURE)












1. Emerald

2. Hamburg, Berlin, and Bremen

3. Marie Curie (she shares it with her husband) and Lise Meitner

4. Sauvignon Blanc

5. Nicole Kidman



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