Qwizzeria Daily #14

A little late in the day, however, it still qualifies as the quiz of the day 🙂


1. Which European car company was founded in 1927 and since 1930, they have adopted the ancient chemical symbol for iron?

2. Which Mexican actress’ first name is derived from Arabic and means ‘calm’ or ‘peace’?

3. Which Premiership football team played home games at Northumberland Park in 1898 before moving 100 yards down the road to White Hart Lane?

4. Littau was a former municipality (Gemeinde) in a Swiss canton. On January 1, 2010, the municipality of Littau merged into the municipality of _______, which has the same name as the canton. Which canton/Gemeinde from the German-speaking part is this?

5. Which company’s advert is this? (PICTURE)












1. Volvo

2. Salma (Salma Hayek)

3. Tottenham Hotspur

4. Lucerne

5. Crocs

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