Qwizzeria Daily #13

Are you one of those who believe in the superstition surrounding the number 13? If yes, do share why. While we are at it, here are the five questions of the day.


1. The Greek word ‘Adamas’ for a hard substance inspired two English words. One is Adamant, which is the other?

2. When Alaska became a U.S. state in 1959, it became the largest state area wise. Which state previously held that honour?

3. This 1978 movie was on such a tight budget that, they had to use the cheapest mask for the character Michael Meyers, and they used a William Shatner Star Trek mask. Which 1978 movie?

4. The airlines KLM is nicknamed as ‘The Flying Dutchman’, which footballer was nicknamed ‘The non-flying Dutchman’?

5. This photo was taken at Sagana lodge. It is here that Elizabeth II was made aware of her father, George VI’s death. In which country is the lodge located?
















1. Diamond

2. Texas

3. Halloween

4. Denis Bergkamp

5. Kenya

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