Qwizzeria Daily #11

Here are the five questions for the day!


1. ‘Made in Heaven’, a studio album by British rock band Queen features the statue of Freddie Mercury on the album cover. Where in Switzerland is this statue located?

2. The famous now-decommissioned U.S. road known as Route 66 had its western end in Santa Monica, California. Where was the other end?

3. Which is the only Formula One team to have participated in all the seasons since the inception of F1 championships in 1950? (unless there are no races this season)

4. This country was awarded the George Cross in 1942 for their heroism during the early part of WW II. The cross is visible even today as it can be seen on their national flag. What country?

5. They were officially known as the ‘Revolutionary Nuns’, the Western journalists gave them a mythical nickname ‘Amazonian Guard’. It was an all-female bodyguard that guarded which political figure? (PICTURE)









1. Montreux

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Ferrari

4. Malta

5. Muammar Gaddafi

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