Qwizzeria Daily #7

It’s a Saturday! Spend a minute or two from your downtime to crack at these questions.


1. Macron, at 39 years became the leader of France in 2017. However, according to Time magazine, who holds the record for being the youngest leader of France in its history?

2. This sport was part of the Ancient Olympics and had two disciplines – distance and target. It is part of Decathlon and Heptathlon events at the Olympics. What sport?

3. In which three Swiss cantons are German, and French used as official languages?

4. Michelle Obama became the first First Lady to announce the winner of an Oscar (Best 2012 Film). Which film won the Oscar?

5. If you like to look at yourself, then you should be able to name this flower, fairly easily. What flower? (Pic)










1. Napoléon Bonaparte

2. Javelin Throw

3. Bern, Fribourg, and Valais

4. Argo

5. Narcissus

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