Qwizzeria Daily #6

Hurray, it is Friday and the weekend is here! Honestly, I cannot fathom why I never got excited with a Friday! Maybe I never worked with a company that offered a five-day week job. Nevertheless, I can fake a hurray, right? HURRAY!!!!

Here are the five questions for today 🙂


1. The modern name of this German city comes from the Old High German word meaning ‘stud farm’. The reason being the city was founded in 950 A.D to breed warhorses. Which city?

2. In 1991, this person was nominated for the Razzie Award in two categories, ‘Worst New Star’ and ‘Worst Supporting Actor’ for his role in the movie Ghost Can’t Do It. He won the Worst Supporting Actor award. Who?

3. In the 16th century, tavern owners and liquor distillers “burned” their name into barrels to differentiate themselves from cheaper substitutes. This move gave birth to a famous five-letter word in business. What word?

4. While expecting her third child in 1947, Valerie Hunter Gordon was worried about the daily chores that were to come. To overcome the dreaded feeling, she came up with a practical solution and many are to thank her for that invention. What did she invent?

5. Which literary character gets his name from the author of the ornithology book ‘Birds of the West Indies’?










1. Stuttgart from the Old High German word ‘Stuotgarten’
2. Donald Trump
3. Brand
4. Disposable Nappy
5. James Bond

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