Qwizzeria Daily #5

I didn’t let this gloomy and cloudy day affect me, thus far! While I am in good spirits, why not share today’s five questions. Sit, stand, lie down, whatever suits you, and take a crack at this quiz.


1. The Explorers Grand Slam is an adventure challenge in which the contestants climb the Seven Summits (highest peak on every continent) and have to reach which two other places?

2. Henry Lumsden, Lieutenant with the British army in India, discovered this dress, a 100% cotton tawny- coloured fabric dyed with the plant extract derived from the tea leaves. The dress gets the name from its colour. What colour?

3. In 1960, which two US political figures faced off in the United State’s first-ever televised presidential campaign debates? (2 points)

4. Which Italian wine produced in the Tuscany is named after a mountain range and was traditionally identified by its squat bottle, called fiascos?

5. Whom did the TIME magazine select/pick to have the 80’s look? (Picture)


(Scroll down for answers)







1. The North Pole and the South Pole

2. Khaki

3. John. F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon

4. Chianti

5. Brooke Shields


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