Qwizzeria Daily #3

Here are today’s five questions. Try them out when you head out for a break from your routine schedule or while you wait for your ‘cuppa’ getting ready!


1. The origins of this European city dates to 6th century B.C and translates to ‘new city’ in Greek. Which city?

2. Which 1975 music album’s name is a palindrome and was released by a band whose name is also a palindrome? Name the album and the band.

3. Which American neighbourhood’s name was coined by Chester Rapkin, an urban planner and author of The South Houston Industrial Area Study?

4. HAWKS, EAGLES, VULTURES, and OWLS are carnivorous birds belonging to a category that derives its name from the Latin for ‘to take by force’. Name the category. (one-word answer)

5. For the 2002 movie Asterix: Mission Cleopatra, who played the role of Cleopatra? (Picture)











  1. Naples (Neo + Polis)
  2. SOS and ABBA
  3. SoHo (South of the Houston Street)
  4. Raptors
  5. Monica Bellucci

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