Qwizzeria Daily #2

Here are today’s five questions. Enjoy 🙂

1. In 2016, a new themed area ‘Ireland’ was created that had Dancing Dinghy, Ba-a-a Express, and an Irish pub. Where in Europe would you find this?

2. The launch of Concorde on December 11, 1967, was delayed due to a difference of opinion between the French and the British sides on what issue?

3. By scoring a goal at the Euro 2016, and at the 2018 World Cup, who became the first footballer to score both in four consecutive EURO championships and FIFA World Cups?

4. In the United States, what political honour (two words) was given for the first time to Terrel Bell, Secretary of Education for the Presidential Address to Joint Session of Congress on February 18, 1981?

5. This is a picture taken in 2005, forty years after they appeared together in a movie. In what movie did they appear together? (Picture)

(Scroll down for answers)





1. Europa Park

2. The spelling of Concorde. The French wanted an e at the end of the name Concorde

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

4. Designated Survivor

5. The Sound of Music


(Image courtesy http://www.Angela-Cartwright.com)

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