Marilyn Monroe Movies Quiz


Marilyn Monroe would have been 92 years today! And, on this occasion, a quiz on some of the movies she has acted in. 

Questions  (Scroll down for the answers) 

1. In the movie Driving Miss Daisy, a movie titled Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! is showing at the theatre next to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store. What is the significance of the movie Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!?

2. The plot of this 1953 movie is similar to the 1932 movie ‘The Greeks Had a Word for them’ and the 1941 movie Moon Over Miami. Betty Grable played a cameo in the 1932 movie and a prominent role in the other two movies. Name the 1953 movie?

3. This 1948 movie when re-released four years later had a change in the opening title credits. Marilyn Monroe’s name was moved up instead of the original top billing star Adele Jergens. Marilyn Monroe sang in three of the songs including the title song. What movie?

4. The movie Love Happy’s producer asked three aspiring actresses to walk seductively past the main actor of the movie. Whomever the actor decided was the ‘best walker’ would play a role in the movie. That’s how Marilyn Monroe got into the movie. Love Happy is the last official movie of which American family of entertainers?

5. This movie was an intended remake of the 1940 Cary Grant-Irene Dunne starrer My Favourite Wife. However, the remake project was shelved for a short time and it was released in 1963 as Move Over Darling. What name was originally chosen when Marilyn Monroe was under contract?

6. Marilyn was credited in three movies as a nameless character. This happened in three movies. They were “Love Happy”, “O’Henry’s Full House” and, quite surprisingly, in which movie? 

7. Georgia Holt was one of the contenders for the role of Angela Phinlay in the movie The Asphalt Jungle. Marilyn Monroe got the part instead. Georgia Holt happens to be the mother of which Oscar-winning actress and a singer?

8. Mary Casswell Orr was the author of the short story on which the movie was based and it went on to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Marilyn Monroe’s character in the movie is called Miss Casswell. Which movie?

9. A short scene from the 1951 movie Love Nest was used to make an advertisement promoting which famous international brand?

10. During the making of the movie Clash by Night, Marilyn Monroe got into trouble with the director as she paid attention to her acting coach than the director. Though the director wanted Marilyn out of the movie, 20th Century Fox ensured she and the acting coach remained. Which director?

11. This 1952 movie was based on the novel Mischief by Charlotte Armstrong. Marilyn Monroe’s role is that of a disturbed babysitter. Which movie?

12. After the release of this 1953 movie, a legislative member from Canada complained the film giving his constituency a bad name as the movie was about murder, suicide and corrupt lives instead of being educational. What movie? 

13. This 1953 movie starring Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe was based on a short story written by Anita Loos, who in turn got inspired by an ocean voyage she took to Europe with the US Olympic team. A sequel movie came two years later. Which movie?

14. One of the main reasons for Marilyn Monroe to act in this movie was the guarantee that she would play the lead role in The Seven Year Itch. The title of the movie is borrowed from the famous Irving Berlin song in the musical Annie Get Your Gun. Which movie?

15. The original Broadway on which the movie was based was nominated for the 1956 Tony Award for Best Play. Kim Stanley played the role of Chérie in the Broadway which was played by Marilyn Monroe in the movie. Incidentally, the song That Old Black Magic performed by Marilyn Monroe was originally sung by Frank Sinatra. Which movie?

16. This movie was the first to be produced by Marilyn Monroe’s own production company and her first movie made outside of the United States. Which movie?

17. For her role in the movie, she won the Best Actress – Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globes. At the Oscars, Orry-Kelly won the sole award for the movie as the Best Costume Designer. Which movie? 

18. The 1937 musical On the Avenue had Madeleine Carroll play the wealthy person who objects to being portrayed in the stage show and falls in love with Dick Powell. The 1960 movie was a reworked version of the musical with minor changes such as the central characters were reversed. Which movie?

19. “Finishing the Picture” is a 2004 play by Arthur Miller about the making of which 1961 movie?

20. The only movie she made with Cary Grant was a comedy and its title was same as the 1931 comedy, though unrelated story-wise. Which movie? 




  1. Screen debut of Marilyn Monroe 
  2. How to Marry a Millionaire 
  3. Ladies of the Chorus 
  4. Marx brothers 
  5. Something’s Got to Give 
  6. The Seven-year Itch 
  7. Cher 
  8. All about Eve 
  9. Coca-Cola – watch the ad here
  10. Fritz Lang 
  11. Don’t Bother to Knock 
  12. Niagara 
  13. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the sequel was Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
  14. There’s No Business Like Show Business
  15. Bus Stop 
  16. The Prince and the Showgirl – it was the first non-Shakespearean movie directed by Laurence Olivier. 
  17. Some Like it Hot 
  18. Let’s Make Love 
  19. The Misfits – The last finished movie of Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable
  20. Monkey Business 


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