On 18 July 1957, a memorial, created by the American Bar Association (ABA) and designed by Sir Edward Maufe R.A was unveiled in Runnymede (in Surrey) to commemorate Magna Carta, a symbol of Freedom Under Law. The event was attended by American and English lawyers. The name Runnymede comes from the Anglo-Saxon words runieg (regular meeting) and mede (mead or meadow), a place to hold regular meetings in the meadow. It was here on 15 June 1215, King John sealed Magna Carta and as indicated in the charter, the place of the location was described as ‘Ronimed. inter Windlesoram et Stanes’ (Runnymede between Windsor and Staines). The Great Charter (Magna Carta) had a huge impact on constitutional and common law and other legal factors affecting the development of parliament. 

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