Freddie Mercury born as Farrokh Bulsara to Indian Parsi parents in Zanzibar in 1946, he did his schooling at St. Peters School, Panchgani (off Mumbai) and St. Mary’s High School,Mazagaon after which he returned to Zanzibar. While he was 18 years of age, he fled with his parents to England after the Zanzibar Revolution broke out. There he graduated with a Level A certificate in Art and Graphic design from Ealing Art College. His teenage idols included Lata Mangeshkar, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. In 1970, along with Brian May (guitar, vocals), John Deacon (bass guitar) and Roger Taylor (drums, vocals), Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano) started a new rock band ‘Queen’ – which is recognised as one of the top rock bands of all-time. 

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