The bluetooth logo is a combination of Young Furtak rune characters of ‘H’ and ‘B’ 
The concept of Bluetooth was invented by telecom giant Ericsson in 1994 heavily credited to Sven Mattisson. The idea of the name ‘Bluetooth’ was proposed by Intel’s then head of technological development Jim Kardach in 1997 while he developed a system that allowed mobile phones to communicate with computers. The name was inspired by the book he was reading Frans G. Bengtsson’s ‘The Long Ships’, which was about Vikings and King Harald Bluetooth. Bluetooth was Harald’s nickname and he was famous for uniting all the Danish tribes into a single kingdom. The relation is that Bluetooth also does the same with communication, as it unites all of them into one universal standard. The logo of ‘Bluetooth’ is the combination of Younger Furtak runes merging Hagall character and Berknan character, which also happens to be Harald Bluetooth’s initials. 

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